This is a deep and meaningful album, an hour that looks to capture the atmosphere of All Day I Dream, Lee Burridge’s party that is as much about music for the head as it is the feet. Enlisting the services of Lost Desert, he delivers a carefully thought out set of ten recordings that look far and wide for their inspiration. ‘Mibale’ and ‘Lingala’ feature Junior and celebrate the Congolese language, the latter in beatless form with an intense vocal. Often the pair create moody and meaningful sound scapes, though on occasion the beats kick in only so far, showing real promise but never working up a full head of steam. Still, on the likes of dreamy ‘Float On’ and the evocative ‘Rain’ no extra push is needed, the music creating vivid imagery even for the listener on a daily commute. For that achievement Burridge and Lost Desert deserve plaudits.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5