RM Records close out another great year with a fine EP from LongPlay that comes backed with remixes from Hudson, Timmy P and Ruff Stuff. It’s a selection that looks back for inspiration but very much sounds refreshing. 

We The People is the first track and is built on slamming drums. The hi hats are coarse and the hits drive the grooves home while some big old school piano chords really bring the energy and good time vibes. Timmy P goes for a house tune that echoes New York 90s vibes and has more great pianos as well as gliding drums and classic bass. Hudson then strips things back to a warm, chord laced deep house daydream that is perfect for warming you up or zoning you out. Last of all, Ruff Stuff has soul infused strings and chords for a Detroit house vibe that is lush, musical and emotive. Overall then this is a classically inclined EP that really brings the heat. 

We The People is out now! Grab it here: