MaQman ft. Selina Campbell ‘Vibe On’ (CHECK IT OUT)

The MaQman project, which consists of Joseph Junior (vocals) Luman Child (bass, live drums) and Raul The Great Romancer (guitars) is on everyone’s list who is into Soulful House for quite some time. Hailing from Switzerland, the trio is aiming for the Olymp of Soulful House with their now trademark warm live bass driven outputs on labels like Ralf Gum’s Gogo Music or Solid Ground. Their new joint, entitled ‘Vibe On’ has found its home via Robert Rivera’s Check It Out Records and the head honcho was able to commission some serious remixes for this special release as well. US prime Soulful House don Will ‘Reelsoul’ Rodriguez delivers two magical versions, characterized by driving beats, a pounding bassline and sweet chords, which work some magic on Selina Campbell’s great vocals. Kelvin Sylvester beefs up the beats and moves the song into more peaktime territories, whilst my personal fave must be the outstanding Original Mixes of this gem. Powered by an irresistible live bass, these versions are all about musicality-classic piano, Fender Rhodes, Moog and even a Tenor Saxophone all play part in a production, everybody being into soulful, funky House should own. Great!

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX