Prolific Pole, Marcin Bociański, has been buoyant in the scene of multiple genres and for several years. Marboc, as he is better known, has dispatched an unfaltering stream of high quality releases across a plethora of respected labels. His ‘Out Of Space EP’ is his Pro B Tech / BTechNoir debut and is a release that was more than worthwhile to snap up for their catalogue.

The first of the two tracks ‘Froth’ is a techy affair that will appeal to the melodic techno heads as well as crossing over to progressive floors with its hypnotic rhythm.

The lead track ‘Out Of Space’ is on another level and by far my favourite of the two. From the outset there’s a build that draws you in wanting more. Pulsing bass over many layers and textures that work together smoothly right up to the first drop. This is when it moves up a notch and leads into the main drop where the darkness of this really kicks in.

If progressive house and techno is your thing, this is a release that won’t disappoint.

Words: Paul Sawyer
Mark 9 out of 10

Marboc – Out Of Space (Pro B Tech Music) Out 20th November 2017