You can tell Mark Barrott is an Ibiza native from just a few loops of this beautifully written music. Yet rather than take his inspiration from the obvious Ibiza landmarks, Barrott heads for the other side of the island, taking refuge in the gorgeous landscapes and thriving natural habitat, depicted on the colourful cover. In fact the cover tells you everything you need to know about this music, for it is deeply colourful, lovingly arranged and carefully interwoven. The influence of Steve Reich can be felt in the way Barrott draws out his more percussive loops in ‘Cirrus & Cumulus’ in particular, while for ‘Distant Storms At Sea’ a more guitar-based approach works nicely too. The soothing flute and strings in ‘Der Stern, Der Nie vergeht’ are classic Balearic material, while a whiff of glamour surrounds ‘Over At Dieter’s Place’, with its hints of an exclusive after party. The love Barrott has for his habitat is what makes this album such a warm experience for body and mind, with some lovely moments of relaxation and indulgence. The perfect holiday album, in short – but well-written enough to keep the listener coming back, just as they did with Barrott’s first volume of sketches.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by: Ben Hogwood