There is not much online about Be Morais, so all we have to go off is his or her music. But that’s fine, because it is tantalising stuff with lots of rich feels and nice grooves. It comes on the Not Another label – which is excellently named, it much be said, given how many labels there are these days – and is their fourth release.

As well as three bits of original tackle, three great remixes also boost this package. But first Beyond Feelings is a spaced out deep hose roller with chiming chords, prickly bass and wide open spaces in which your mind can get lost. Beyond Illusions then hits a little harder with pinging drums and skewed synths bringing a sense of colour. Its a real spine tingler before Beyond What We Have gets more direct with its slick boom bap drums and perc and whirring machine lines. Filtered vocals add some freakiness and overall it is cosmic music for the dead of night. Of the remixes there are brooding main room cuts with high pressure synths bringing real tension,stripped back cuts with melodies to spare and colourful, explosive jams with melodic rain falling down the face of upright drums. All in all this is a fine package.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming