The debut album from Swedish pair Mount Liberation Limited is a thrilling ride. Bolstered by heaps of live percussion, their take on space disco is packed with riffs, quirky harmonic asides and a strong rhythmic base. Basslines are great, too, as on the excellent Gospel which is bolstered by a particularly funky number, with filtering and drum fills working a treat on the dance floor. ‘Prozac’ is similarly full of good vibes, ‘Krauten’ has a driving bass and reassuringly solid drum track, while the closing ‘Techno Thrills’ offers a lush warmth that proves irresistible to the headphone listener. This is an excellent album that repays multiple listens handsomely, as it is organic, well written and hook-laden – but most of all it’s a heap of fun.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5