We are always warned against judging a book by its cover, but it’s more or less impossible not to do that with this album package from Daniel Lopatin’s highly regarded Oneohtrix Point Never project. It is a good guide to some richly coloured music that Lopatin brings to the table, with some luxurious sounds to the likes of ‘Toys 2’. Lopatin makes quite extensive use of a twinkling harpsichord sound, which might not appeal to all, and there is a lot of auto tuning, but there is a restless quest for invention and new textures, the feeling that he is always striving for something more inventive. At its best ‘Age Of’ is thrilling, as in the high powered ‘Same’, whose big chorus feels like Tears For Fears being put through a shredder. Occasionally the noodles on the metallic harpsichord sound like Bach going a bit awry, but Lopatin’s originality and refusal to compromise ultimately win through. A stimulating album for the mind, and sounding as good on headphones as it looks in its packet.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5