PBR Streetgang ‘PBR Twenty’ (KURTZ)

20 years in bizz, that’s quite a remarkable time. I can underline that by looking back on my own tiny career in the industry, which started even longer ago than the gents Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe went to record under their now legendary PBR Streetgang moniker.

However it of course does make sense to reflect on your past after such a long time being key players in the scene we call House. And it does make sense to dig out your most magical moments and pack them all together into a lovely comp. That’s what the pair did, and that’s what they deliver now via their ‘PBR Twenty’ sampler.

To celebrate the milestone, PBR bring us a rare selection of originals and remixes that show the breadth and depth of their work. Featuring early originals that propelled them into the limelight, like ‘Downstroke’ and ‘J2Thab’, and more recently their stand-out disco tinged nugget from their debut album ‘Late Night Party Line’.  There are also some previously un-pressed remixes like the cult classic rework of Romanthony – ‘Bring You Up’, the slow chuggy sleaze of Bryan Ferry –  ‘One Night Stand’, and the teary-eyed euphoria of their remix of Hot Chip – ‘Melody of Love’.

It’s really hard to decide a fave on here because there are so many of them, but their remix of George Morel’s House classic ‘Let’s Groove’ in a peaky Disco kinda vein still impresses with every play. For the vinyl heads good news are here: PBR 20 will be available on limited wax as well, so grad your copy!

4.5 out of 5



Reviewed by MANNIX