Peaking Lights describe their fifth album as ‘resembling a car journey through foreign landscapes’, and that’s a pretty good description of a record that furthers their distinctive style. Dub, psychedelia and pop continue to provide a potent mix, but here the lyrical material feels that bit more personal and meaningful, typified by the themes of personal rescue and newly found togetherness in ‘Love Can Move The Mountains’. That this is their fifth album in six years says a lot for the husband & wife duo and their productivity, but there is no sign of coasting here as they reference their old signature sounds while exploring new perspectives. 3 is especially good, a quicker number packed with positive energy, while 2 reverts to easy paced dub with cosmic sound effects above and below. The music does have a tendency to ramble towards the end of the album, but this is usually due to the hypnotic, trance-like state the pair have already reached. A good place to start for new recruits – and a no-brainer for those who’ve already joined the club.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5