The Prodigy – Scienide (Costa Pantazis Remix) – CDR

Probably the most bootlegged act of all time, we’ve all heard the endless reworks of ‘Out Of Space’ and other classics. Here it’s refreshing to see someone have a crack at breathing new life into one of the less obvious Prodigy tracks, but in my opinion, one of the more underrated excursions by the genius that is Liam Howlett. Found on the B-side of the seminal classic ‘Poison’, Scienide’s lead sound was unique at the time, and to some extent it still is to this day. A brave effort by Costa taking this into the realms of 138 uplifting trance, but this really works and proves a great tool for any harder trance DJ looking to surprise their audience. Grab the FREE download while you can from his page. 

Reviewed by Nick Coles 

The Prodigy – Scienide (Costa Pantazis Remix) Preview