Marc Miroir – Love – (Paso Music)

Marc Miroir’s Love is the sort of tune that really drives crowds wild. With a wobbling bassline and rooted drums and organic percussion, the producer teases in snippets of a famous old house vocal with plenty of style. Its no wonder given that he has released a full-length album before now and is also associated with labels like Heinz.

His one original gets two remixes, both by Kiki, who has long been known for his raw jams on labels like Get Physical and BPitch Control. His first version is dark, edgy and sharp, forcing you to jack your body, whilst his second is much more airy, colourful and disco leaning. Here the juddery, jittery percussive line is cut up by great synth patterns that are liquid and loose. Smeared in all direction like this the synths add plenty of warmth and scale and finish off a fine EP.

5 out of 5

Reviewed by Ian Fleming