As much as I enjoy the current Disco and Disco House explosion (I really think events like Glitterbox commercially wouldn’t have been possible some years ago) it comes naturally, that within this specific genre there are as many crappy sounds around as in all the others thanks to millions of cheap Disco edits and remixes of the days of old. Exceptions however do appear, and Germany’s Purple Disco Machine is such an artist, you always can rely on. His Defected releases and sets are memorable, as is his trademark bumpy sound, a sound that manages to pay homage to the funky music we all grew up with, but polishing it up in style for the here and now without being cheesy. The man, whose friends call him Tino now delivers a first taste of his upcoming album out on Australian stable Sweat It Out, and it’s a banger as they say. Legendary US vocalist Duane Harden (of Armand Van Helden’s ‘You Don’t Know Me’ fame) is on board (he co-wrote the song) as is Joe Killington, (lead vox) who together deliver the goods with a nice direct funk guitar fuelled summer anthem. As the heat never seems to go away this summer, this is one of only a very few sun-kissed grooves with a bump that really will stay essential even if the summer should be over some day!

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX