Thailand is known for many beautiful things and probably we can add excellent House Music in the future as well. Q Narongwate hails outta Phuket, is a key figure of the scene over there and has released on respected labels like Quantize or Double Cheese. The man is now back with an excellent production composed of two deadly tracks which he is ready to release on DJ Vivona’s always reliable Sunclock imprint. Beautiful, straight and well syncopated, “Synonyms” is a very groovy warm bass ridden Afro House track, a tune that gets bigger and bigger with each listen. My personal pick must be “Analogue” though, which has a Deep House feel to it with some 90s influenced Classic House elements thrown in between, solid punchy beats and a bassline that is quite extraordinary as well. Another essential release for Sunclock and Q Narongwate.

4 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX