‘1000 Watts’ has been out a little while but it’s not too late to bring it to your attention, because this is the sound of summer in a long playing record. It also demonstrates just how versatile Will ‘Quantic’ Holland is, for ‘1000 Watts’, the third album from the Flowering Inferno project, features a host of well-chosen contributions that complement him perfectly but make a well-structured album too. Top of the list is Christopher Ellis, guest on the title track and ‘All I Do Is Think About You’. His presence immediately generates a smile. There’s a really nice sax to complement the airy vocals from Hollie Cook on ‘Shuffle Them Shoes’, ‘A Life Worth Living’ brings the winning combination of Alice Russell and U-Roy, while ‘Chambacú’, a Cumbia song, is heard in Nidia Góngora’s winsome version. With warm, brassy overtones and strong, dubby beats, Quantic is in possession of yet another winner.

5 out of 5

Reviewed by Ben Hogwood