Once again here, Jeudi Records out of Hamburg come up with the sort of goods that really make a big impact on the dance floor. Behind their next EP is Raphael Hofman, a young Dutch German talent who has been based in Berlin a while and who is a regular in the best club’s of Europe. His two originals comes with remixes by Birds of Paradise and Kris Davis.

Susurrus is six minutes of slithering and seductive deep house with sombre chords meandering over a broom bass progression and icy hi hats. It is a big tune for intimate clubs and the remix from Birds of Paradise reimagines it as something more steely and physical, more direct and dark. Nightmare then gets all freaky and wobbly, with fat and wriggling synths, blasts of melody and a stripped back machine groove. Then the final piece of the puzzle is a remix from Kris Davis, which is more spaced out and cosmic with its posted chords and infectious groove. Overall, a lush EP.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming