Renegade System – Power of The Mind – Hyper Reality

Thomas Crossley has really been causing a stir out there amongst hard trance fans of new and old! There is an obvious hard trance revolution bubbling away, with many favourite producers from yesteryear coming out of the woodwork and a fair amount of new talent emerging also. Renegade System sits right amongst it with his works on Atmosphere UK and numerous releases Hyper Reality, GT Digital and Error 303. Power of The Mind takes us right back to the glory days of Wag, Scot Project, Anthem, Fog Area and such like with its faultless euro-style production. The breakdown is epic and the riff is sensational – what more is there to say? No wonder he’s hogging numerous places in the digital top 10’s each week. Classy stuff. 

Reviewed by Nick Coles 

Renegade System - Power of The Mind (Original Mix) [Hyper Reality Records]