Luxembourg’s Riven makes his debut release on Timid Boy’s Time Has Changed label with his powerful ‘Disco Acid EP’, containing 3 original new tracks, along with 2 stellar remixes from VONDA7 and Beatamines. ‘Disco Acid’ is ripe with cleverly crafted beats that percolate under Riven’s infectious 303 sorcery, teased with cut up vocals. ‘Blue Panther’ is a techy ride, loaded with a dark sub-bass and menacing voices and ‘Jungle Ride’ is a pressure driven house groove armed with an intense, long tension building breakdown to devastate the floor! On the ‘Disco Acid’ remixes, VONDA7 cooks up an edgy, driving Techno feast with acid undercurrents and Beatamines works the room with his bubbling effervescent tech style.

4/5 Ratha Gud