Steen Thottrup ‘5’ Album – CandyBox Music

An acclaimed producer for 30 years, Danish Chill Out producer Steen Thottrup is well known for penning fabulous sunset soundtracks. His fifth artist album, ‘5’, written in his home of Mallorca, is a sun-kissed emotive beauty, where dreamy meditative electronica provides the backdrop to lush songs and spoken words in an array of languages from artists such as SIGNE, Juliana Silveira, Goyo Castillo and Steen himself. There is also a wonderful musical tribute to the late godfather of Chill Out Jose Padilla (Café Del Mar), simply titled, ‘Gracias’. This album offers a sonic taste of the Balearic Islands and a fully immersive listening experience that will whisk you off to far away sunny places.

4/5 Ratha Gud