Steven Stone & Michelle Weeks ‘That Love’ (SOUL DELUXE)

Switzerland’s Stefano Rizzuto aka Steven Stone has been at the forefront of House Music for many years, and what really makes him stand out from the rest is the fact, that he has always been able to get the big names in the business for one of his collaborations. His new jam ‘That Love’, soon to be released on Steven’s own Soul Deluxe imprint, again is featured by such a big name-legendary US House diva, Michelle Weeks. What you get is what you expect here, a soulful masterpiece that still has the power to move floors from here to Kalkutta, a track which is able to fuse Michelle’s memorable vocal with crispy beats, a bubbling bass and and sweet chords. Currently only one mix is available, but I’m quite sure a remix package will follow shortly.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX