Italians Pietro ‘Bingo’ De Lisi and Alex Carpentieri complete their move to Get Physical with a first album in four years. They are of course well known for their outstanding work as residents at DC10 in Ibiza, whose vibe they channel into ‘D-Votion’. These are grooves with time and space, the likes of ‘Packing’, ‘Breathe’ and the more energetic ‘Lazy Days’ and ‘Distortion Under Control’ bringing a lovely deep, warm and soulful house style to the dancefloor. The origins of ‘From Motor City With Love’ are clear, but so is the lovely, warm organ sound that powers the track. By contrast ‘Peacefrog’ (not an ode to the label as far as I know) shows they can do vocal stuff just as well, the tones of Bianca and Brandy Eve drifting dreamily above the lean piano and beat. This is really classy house music that just reeks of the Mediterranean, good times and carefree dance moments. Which is what it’s all about, surely?
5 out of 5
Ben Hogwood