Szun Waves is a super trio of multi instrumentalists Jack Wyllie (Portico Quartet & Circle Traps), Laurence Pike (PVT) and Luke Abbott, and its music somehow reflects the musical freedom these three artists enjoy. ‘Constellation’ sets the tone, a beautifully weightless piece of music that enjoys rushes of percussion, dreamy saxophone and Abbott’s trademark analogue sonic goodness, always made as a complement to the music around it. ‘New Hymn To Freedom’ enjoys some terrific drumming from Pike and Wyllie slow moving fuzz from Abbott, though in the track ‘Moon Runes’ it pans out expansively with little to no percussion, enjoying a few deep jazz influences without becoming hostage to any of them. If reflects the open-ended nature of the album, whose epic title track reaches further East in its musical exploration. Gradually the percussion gathers a head of steam and the sax assumes control with great intensity, ending this extremely fine debut with a flourish. An essential listen.

Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5

Szun Waves - Constellation (Official Video)