If you like your house to make people’s bootays go boompty bump in the night, then this four track ep is your ‘go-to’. It opens with ‘Moody’ – a heads-down mix tool that vibes away with a leer reserved for drugs deals and . ‘After That’ picks up the pace with a kick that tears through your speaker cones and ear drums and a vocal hook that riffs  ‘With It’ is a steady, four-to-the-floor percussive percolator that transitions any back room session from early doors to ‘lock all the doors’ without any trouble at all. ‘The Point’ closes layering Kenny Dope’s spoken vocal and emotive synth washes with a kick so fierce you’ll think that the cavalry has arrived. The horn lick puts it in the Miami sunshine and the triple dipping beats keep it rocking beautifully. All good stuff.