The ‘super duo’ of John Talabot and Axel Boman makes a whole lot of sense – and ‘The Night Land’, their resultant album for R&S, ticks all the boxes their solo work has done in the past. And yet their collaboration seems to have sparked off a new direction in each, for the tracks here have an extra depth to them, usually realised through the use of some powerful drones. Tracks like ‘Six Million Ways’ combine these with slowish disco-house beats, making a rhythm track for the pool but a texture that cuts through onto the floor more directly. After a relatively murky introduction from ‘Midnattssol’, the light really starts to shine through in ‘Safe Changes’, a beautiful oscillation of ideas. ‘Loser’s Hymn’ is far from the downbeat tale its title suggests, projecting a majestic backdrop as the beats get faster, while ‘Ghosts Hood’ is more mechanical and has a brilliant sense of movement. More horizontal bliss, meanwhile, can be found in the likes of ‘Dins El Llit’, a dreamy closing number. If you’re a fan of either artist, don’t delay – this album not only takes the very best of Talabot and Boman, it takes them off in a new direction too.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5