The Gallery – 10 Years in SE1 Gavyn Mytchel

Bold moves from London promoter and resident Gavyn Mytchel as he single-handedly takes on the latest instalment of The Gallery mix series. Opting to mix both discs himself, Gavyn depicts a typical Friday night down at the Ministry Of Sound from early doors to 6am closing using exclusively his own studio outputs. After intro track Inception does its thing, the rest of the deep mix has a lot to live up to, an absolutely beautiful beat-less piece of electronica that I for one can’t leave alone. Further haunting highlights come in the form of ‘Rite of Passage’, with its epic and eery Indian plucks, and ‘Reverberate’, a chunky prog groove with max pad distortion. An established and worthy progressive artist album all by itself, Disc 2’s Peak Mix is just clearly showing off. The BPM’s are up with inspiring melodic riffs, big room productions, and that all-alluring energy of The Box captured by the one man who knows it inside out. ‘Freak Flag’ and ‘Public Intimacy’ are the standouts for me, but there really is something for everyone on this latest double CD from London’s No 1 weekly club-night. High quality music indeed – In the car!

Reviewed by Nick Coles