There is something warm and comforting about the release of a new Thievery Corporation album. The duo are so well established that you have a good idea of the warm, summery vibes they will be bringing, but they are not so predictable as to go the same way each time, and always come up trumps on the vocalist front. This is very much the case with ‘Treasures From The Temple’, a companion piece to last year’s ‘Temple Of I & I’. It is a selection of original recordings and remixes from the same Jamaican sessions, and the heat soaked set includes excellent turns from Mr. Lif & Sitali (‘History’), Natalia Clavier (‘Water Under The Bridge’) and Notch (‘Destroy The Wicked’ and ‘Waiting Too Long’). Lyrically there is always that strong feeling of a duo with their finger on the pulse of world issues, but who have the ability to deliver their thoughts in a way that brings a welcome edge to their music without compromising its ability to lift the soul. When the sun finally comes out, get this album on for maximum effect!

Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5