Collaboration is definitely the name of the game at the moment, and Get Physical seem to be as good at working across boundaries as anybody. Not that there should ever be any boundaries where Brazil and dance music are concerned of course! Happily Leo Janeiro sees that too, and has put together an absolutely storming collection of music from the Brazil Music Conference. 14 of the 15 tracks are exclusives, and all are home-grown – so will be a great place to start for those looking for new sounds. To take a few choice cuts, the squiggly lines on Lacozta’s ‘Plano’ work really well, Andre Salata & Mumbaata’s ‘BR-116’ is strongly acidic before arriving at a dreamy set of chords, while Rodrigo Ferrari’s ‘10pm’ is a superb piece of minimal house. Meanwhile Ossaim’s ‘When You Say My Name’ is right down the deepest end of the house spectrum, while Nuno Deconto’s ‘Raizes’ cleverly moves the basic pulse in and out of focus. This is a top quality set that every house head should think about owning.

Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5