Various Artists ‘DCR 200-Kiko Navarro’ (DOUBLE CHEESE)

Federico Luyo, former Rome don and now Mallorca resident, is a busy man. Beside DJing all over the world he runs Double Cheese Records with its numerous releases. The catalogue has reached episode 200 now and as it was with its 100th release (a clever mix of prime bangers and back catalogue nuggets mixed by DJ Spen), Federico Luyo hired an industry big player to mix the 200th release as well-this time Spain’s Kiko Navarro. If you compare the two-anniversary mixes you can clearly see the development of the label as well. Has it mainly been output for fresh talent within genres like Soulful House and Afro House at first, styles tend to vary more and more with the second half of the releases. The genre still is HOUSE, but Double Cheese may put out a very deep instrumental House track alongside a Disco fuelled vocal track for now.
The compilation included tracks and mixes from label honcho Luyo, Saliva Commandos, DJ Romain, Sebas Ramis, Vincent Kwok and of course Kiko Navarro himself amongst others. 15 tracks to choose from Afro House to Disco and back. A comp that I only can recommend!

4 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX