DJ Haus (Rupert Hogan) is a brilliant addition to the long running ‘In The House’ series, and although the tracks he offers are predominantly new, there is a real vintage feel to some of this music, bringing back the first principles of house music – excitement, energy and some incredibly catchy and singable hooks. To be honest there isn’t a dud among the 40 offerings here, and there are some really enjoyable moments of rougher productions, going to the basics with the likes of Mall Grab’s ‘Pool Party’, with its explosion of brass against a big, early Todd Terry-style beat. Redlight’s ‘City Jams’ is pure mid-1990s brilliance with its piano firing off in all directions, while DJ Octopus’ ‘Bug Lady’ has a brilliant, low-slung bass line, Deadboy’s ‘Never Felt’ is a great piece of springy garage and Innershades’ ‘Love At First Sight’ is quite simply lush. And that’s all on CD1! The second disc is just as good, with newer stuff from Melé (the propulsive ‘Scouse Afrika’) and Big Miz’s ‘The Bomb’, before we get the classy ‘APT. 2A’, N.Y. House’n Authority remixed by Hugo Massien. This is a no-brainer really – a hugely enjoyable, energetic and inspiring double pack that demands to be snapped up!

Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5

DJ Haus IN THE HOUSE – Live From Phonica Records