Fabric describe Call Super’s mix as one that would take place after the ‘rollercoaster of the peak hours’ – but that proves to be slightly misleading, as the mix itself has some very defined peaks and troughs. To start with the mood is deep and extremely fuzzy as the producer works his way through tracks by Beatrice Dillon and Rupert Clervaux, M:I:5 and Jan Jelinek, but gradually the layers of percussion increase as the mix develops. By the time we get to Bitstream’s ‘Incubator’ and Bruce’s excellent new cut ‘Sweat’ there is a focus on the dark lower end,  but then towards the end Call Super throws a strangely effective curveball into the mix with Walter Brown’s ‘Keep On Walking’, a classic bit of US blues. He follows this up with three ideal comedown records from Yves Tumor, Max Loderbauer and Speng Bond, putting the cap on a mix that segues nicely into the early daylight.
4 out of 5
Ben Hogwood