Roman Flügel sees his contribution to the Fabric series as thanking the club for their support – and he produces a wonderful mix of hypnotic electro. On the outer edges the approach is a more expansive one, with the shimmering Flügel production ‘Troubled Mind, which feels like the inner workings of a clock, or Ghost Culture’s ‘Perseus’. Towards the middle of the mix more percussion takes hold and the workings are more mechanical, especially working towards Karma’s ‘Cha’ – while countering these are the subliminal broken beat of Koehler’s ‘Oblivious Pool’ and the wide open spaces of El Kid’s ‘Kajincha’. Other moments to note are the striking Lanark Artefax track ‘Touch Absence (the Intimidating Stillness Mix)’ and Randomer’s ‘Juju’ – but in reality there’s not a dud out of the 22 making up this cleverly executed mix.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5