Fabric’s second in the ‘presents’ series is in effect a merge of compilation and artist album, as Kölsch mixes together a number of new tracks into a single work. The mix gets off to a subdued start, establishing a pulse with restrained strings in the middle background, but then in ‘LH479’ they gradually come nearer to the foreground with a haunting loop and a stronger bass root. If you think the track titles sound like flight numbers you’d be right, for the collection is inspired by flying between gigs. He obviously has a few smooth flights, for ‘SK1550’ sets some really nice dressing around the edges, with luminous strings in the breakdown, but when ‘EZY865’ establishes an urgent beat it is well timed. ‘VA5641’ heads for breakbeat territory and a bit of turbulence, while ‘KM477’ gets some depth and forward momentum going again. This is quite a restrained collection, thoughtful rather than packed with dancefloor moments, but it hits the spot more often than not.

Ben Hogwood
3 out of 5

fabric presents Kölsch (DJ mix) - CD, digital, and 2x vinyl