An excellent compilation from Yuksek’s label, setting out their stall for the year ahead and what promises to be an excellent group of releases. Few of them will top Getaroom’s ‘Mandrake’, an absolute floor filler with its origins in the mid-70s but undoubtedly working its magic today. A few come close though, with the elastic bass of Weekend Affair’s ‘J’ai chaud’ working its magic, Nenor’s ‘Americano Buzz’ cutting a dash, Moonlight Matters’ ‘Kitt’ displaying a few dub undertones in its Yuksek edit form, and Franco & Bruno paying a bit of late 1980s’ homage with ‘Grazie’. On the slower side of the tempo spectrum we have the persuasive ‘Orchestral’ from Plaisir De France, beautifully arranged for strings, and the effortless strut of Polocorp’s ‘Particules particulières’. With tunes like this up their sleeve, Partyfine are looking in mighty fine nick for the year ahead.

Ben Hogwood. 5 out of 5