Jazzuelle’s ‘Fall Into You’, in wavy Deetron remix form, sets the mood for a sensuous pair of sets from Get Physical featuring deep and meaningful house music. This is perfect material for warm, sultry weather, and the compilations unwind at a natural pace. They thrive on the intimacy of tracks like Bedouin’s ‘Turn The Tides’, Mahfoud & Javier Orduna’s ‘Secrets’ and Reno Wurzbacher’s ‘Home’, creating hypnotic and heat soaked sounds. Meanwhile Thor Rixon enjoys dubby overtones and smoky vocals in ‘The Clown’, while Jazzuelle – again – makes the striking, off beat ‘Relativity’ with Jinadu. Perfect for Ibiza – and any other hot climate, come to think of it!

Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5