Various Artists
‘The Round Up Part VII’

Dam Swindle’s (formerly known as Detroit Swindle) Heist label moves from strength to strength and now is ready to serve up the seventh installment of their mighty Round Up series. The (nice) concept behind this is, that is each artist that released on Heist in the previous year gets to remix another artist from that year. So if you wanna release on this prestigious label, you better be aware that there’s remix work incoming as well. So what’s it all about this time?
You’ll hear Crackazat taking on the breezy horns of Alma Negra’s ‘Dakar Disco’ which for myself is the key track of the release. Then there’s Dam Swindle’s re-interpretation of Teleseen’s ‘Dekalb’ full of live drums, wonky arps, and raw synth stabs, plus other classy reworks by Detroit’s Scan 7, Kassian, Nebraska and Pitto. So for myself, the second outstanding track on this sampler is Scan 7’s take of Crackazat’s ‘Class One’, a no-nonsense old skool House offering that is in fact very memorable and hooky and should do some serious damage on any housey floor (when those floors ever should open again). All in all this is very solid and available digitally as well as on limited vinyl. Congrats to all involved.

4 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX