Pascal Arbez has impressed us with the edge and energy in his dance music on albums like ‘OK Cowboy’ and ‘Flashmob’, but for his latest album the edge has softened a little. We still have some quick stepping electro tracks that thrill, but with more guest vocal input there is a more obvious structure and a more ‘poppy’ production in evidence. This is great for songs like the icy cold ‘Hans Is Driving’, where Miss Kittin adds a deadpan vocal, but on ‘Sweet Cigarette’ the lyrics are not so effective and take on the guise of a novelty record. This makes ‘Voyager’ a frustrating listen, as for every welcome burst like ‘Levitation’ there are other numbers where a raw, stripped back approach might well have been more effective.
Ben Hogwood
3 out of 5


Vitalic - Waiting For The Stars (Audio) ft. David Shaw And The Beat