After a series of well-received EPs on Planet E, Waajeed steps up to the long playing plate with an assured and wholly uplifting debut. Given his heritage there are a good deal of familiar influences here, led by the Detroit-centred musical styles, but once ‘From The Dirt’ starts with a springy, piano-led number on its title track, the signs are extremely good. Things get better than that, even – ‘Power In Numbers’ has an elastic bass line that works a treat, ‘I Ain’t Safe’ is a top notch vocal track with Ideeyah in tow, while ‘I Just Wanna Tell’ gets bouncy and spiritual – with another brilliant but uncredited vocal. On ‘Too Afraid’ Waajeed breaks up the beats a bit to good effect – showing he has the ability to mix things up a bit as well as bring forward the best elements of his musical heritage. ‘From The Dirt’ is an assured and extremely enjoyable album.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5