If you own a record label these days you have to be a business man but essentially you know a cent or two about marketing so you can find a way your releases at least get noticed among the hundreds of new offerings each and every week. Marketing issues take time and therefore you often find producers who did release quite constantly in the past suffering from studio time because of label work. Munich resident Yves Murasca, who originally came out of the Milk & Sugar surrounding, is such a guy who has put much effort and strength into the process of establishing his Deepalma imprint, which he did in a rather good way. It’s good to see that release # 57 comes from the label honcho himself again, and for this one he has commissioned a superb remix pack as well. The Original Mix of ‘Right On’ is vocal snippet driven synth heavy dreamy affair with a superb break, old school drums and a very notable bass. Juloboy delivers a more commercial affair whilst my personal pick is the huge Piemont Mix, which manages to keep a certain commercial touch without losing the deeper and techy main approach. Superb!

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX