Trainspotting with Chris Leon & Matt Sawyer


1. Nikita Great – Russwans (Seven Villas)

A smart sound, the vocal is in a similar vein to the Chill/ Ambient style from the 90’s.


2. Maya Jane Coles – Charry Bomb (I AM ME)

This is really nice to listen to, it has a really good groove and a perfect melody for any beach club!!


3. Nuno Dos Santos – Dust in your Eyes (Something Happening Somewhere)

One of the most popular tracks used at the moment, it really rocks the crowd.


4. Blondish; Swawni – Wizard of Love (Modular Project remix)  (Rebirth)

Modular’s remix of this release is just awesome, it has real a Black Coffee flavour to it.


5.  Airbas, Mavee – Avilo (StereoBeach Remix) (Villahangar)

A chillout remix with rock and electronic sounds which also features a special electric guitar, giving a Pink Floyd vibe.


6. Matt Sawyer – Adagio (White Label) 

This track is going to be featured on the Crisis UK Compilation – #HouseForTheHomeless


7. Chris Leon & Matt Sawyer – Alis (Top Town Records) 

This is our first collaboration – Alis is lead by a strong bass line and minimal instrumentation, which gives lots of space to let the piano’s melody shine.


8. Patrice Baumel – Angage (Afterlife)

This is very versatile and just perfect for many different dance floor situations.


9. Tim Engelhardt – Kissing your Eyes (Poker Flat Recordings) 

A completely Nordic sound. Every time you listen to this track it’s a beautiful trip!


10. Pablo Fierro – La Palma (Innervisions)

Tribal quality as always from Innvervisions – one of their most beautiful tracks recently.

Chris Leon & Matt Sawyer ‘Alis’ will be released on June 22nd 2017 on Top Town Records.