Trainspotting with Danny Serrano


1. Alexander Aurel & Danny Serrano – Collapse / Leena Music.

I am very happy to have collaborated with Alexander for this EP. This track is quite special, I love the groovy and the sinthes as they create this harmony.
I have always been a fan of Anja, I am very grateful to have signed our work with Anja for Leena Music, I am a big fan for years.


2. Danny Serrano – Article / Eat and Beat.

“Article” is the single from my second album “Origen” . Will go on sale during this year divided into 4 parts. With a final part where will have great remixes and will be in physical and digital format. What more I emphasise of this track are the bass and vocals funk. Loved it!


3. Kevin Over – Boney / Underground Audio.

I’m a big fan of Kevin Over, for me it’s number 1. I love the Techno bases he always does with 80’s Chord tones and vocals. I think that soon it will explode his race. He has been doing a great job during these last years.


4. Cuartero – Multiverso / Desolat.

I love this kick + bass sound and plus some good chords and vocals. Riva Starr Is it True Feat. DncnI was fortunate to work with Rafa in the past, Their tracks are always a bomb on the dance floor.


5. Danny Serrano – Twin Peaks / Leena Music.

This will be my sound for this 2017, I think I will go a little more towards techno but without losing my essence. Of this theme what I like most are the kick + low, and all the atmospheres that are created.


6. Detlef – Swagon feat. Ossey James / Repopulate Mars.

This track I love the vowel it has, and how it plays with the sinthes . Deltef is one of my favorite producers.


7. Steve Lawler – Show the Way / Viva Music.

Again I like the groove with the voices. The sinthes as they enter and leave. The percussions as they sound …


8. Riva Starr Is it True Feat. Dncn / Moon Harbour.

I honestly think it can be one of the tracks this year. I admire Riva Starr very much for all his career and the great number of great tracks he has been doing. This track I especially like the funk style it has and Moon Harbor one of my favorite labels


9. Mix Mar-T, Luca Donzelli – Sunday Sampling / Do not Sleep.

The groove, percussions and synthes I loved it. This duo Martin and Luca I think they are one of the producers more in shape. This EP is incredible, has a remix of Eamuel Satie another of my favorite producers.


10. Alexander Aurel – Jupiter / Leena Music.

I love the work of my great friend Alexander. The sinthes are very special. For me I think it is one of the best works of Alexander, loved it!

Alexander Aurel & Danny Serrano ‘Collapse’ will be released on Beatport Exclusive January 20th  / Full release February 3rd 2017 on Leena Records.