1. ‘Orion’ – Terence Fixmer (Novamute)

Tried and tested at the last Berlin Berlin party, Sisyphos’ Hammahalle and Odonien in Cologne. It always works and is great for locking people in, slowly raising the vibe and getting everyone dancing in their own little trippy acid orbit zooming out and forgetting all surroundings.


2. ‘Warpaint (Daniel Miller Remix)’ – Jonty Skrufff:  (What Came First)

One of my favourite tracks from last year.


3. ‘Conduction (Original Mix)’ – Slam (Soma)

A killer tune for introducing a harder patch of my set, announcing essentially that we’re about to take off.


4. ‘Gegen (Original Mix)’ – Paula Temple (Integral Digital)

The best track for tearing the roof off during the last 30 minutes of your set when you have the crowd already in the palm of your hand. I will dance my ass to this one while spinning 🙂


5. ‘Parallel Universe (Original Mix)’ – Bastinov (Etruria Beat)

Straight from my evergreen bomb folder – works anywhere, anytime though I particularly play it during those more melancholic moments in my set when the crowd is feeling a little exhausted and needs a little breather but I don’t want to take it down just yet…:-) I love how the panning on the shaker really gives you that sense that some creature from a parallel universe flies across the dance floor.


6. ‘Chatter (Original Mix)’ – Perc (Perc Trax)

Great for starting my set to cleanse the room and for re-setting the vibe or towards the end when closing. Lovely melancholia mixed with industrial sounds and warrior vibes and I’m articularly attached to this one.


7. ‘ The Spell (Pleasurekraft Remix)’ –  Matrixxman (Kraftek)

Truly wish I could make tracks like this one day. Totally in love with this tune, it gets me emotional, hopeful, euphoric and possibly crying in secret when I spin this one out. Hard yet emotional, best of both worlds in this perfect remix combo.


8. ‘Reset (Original Mix)’ – Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink (Bush Records)

A genuine fire-starter and one of my favourite tracks to play at Sisyphos’ Hammahalle last year. Couldn’t be more up my alley.


9. ‘Hz (Original Mix)’ – Thomas Urv (Ploink)

Perfect track for the dark, bleak winter months with so much subtle drive…a bit like you’re riding on a train through an endless lightless tunnel on the way to an exciting new destination.


10. ‘Full Moon Falcon (Thomas Schumacher Remix)’ – Fidelity Kastrow (Sisyphon)

For a little bonding moment when I see familiar faces in the crowd, the ‘Thomas Schumacher Remix’ of my ‘Full Moon Falcon’ still works great and I enjoy hearing it out loud from time to time.


Fidelity Kastrow heads up the Sisyphos Showcase floor alongside Jonty Skrufff, Yetti Meissner and Kyle E at Berlin Berlin this Saturday February 17th at Egg London. Music across three floors with the Ground Floor welcoming Braunbeck, Basti Grub, Eveline Fink, Georgia Girl and Carlota with wild performances from Syban, Bitch & Party, Gregory Kara, Katrina Darling, Kokaine Tyson, Luke Harris and Ruby Bird. Homostash takeover The Loft with DJs Tafkanik, Sonniku, Carly Foxx and Pavline whilst in Cell 200 the Kuntskammer Salon lets rip with Lewis G Burton, Kassandra Powell & Guests.

All info at www.egglondon.co.uk