1. Franky Wah – Empire (ON IT)
A high energy rolling tech house track with a lot of sharp percussive elements and a catchy hip hop vocal to keep it chugging away .

2. Green Velvet & Prok and Fitch – Sheeple (Relief)
Whats not to love about this track, the super hard bass accompanied by an infectious vocal.

3. Franky Wah – Reflections (ON IT)
My first EP signed to On It Recordings, really excited about this release, this track never fails on the dance floor.

4. Darius Syrossian – Moxy (Hot Creations)
One of my favourite artists signed to one of my favourite labels, a very unique track showcasing some very clever production skills especially in the break down, the drop is everything you expect it to be. From the driving sub bass to the old school piano stabs this track has everything you need to destroy any dance floor at peak time .

5. Pawsa – Groovy Cat (PAWZ)
Always a fan of Pawsa’s productions, in this track you will recognise his signature sound accompanied by a risky but genius sample, it destroys the dance floor every time I play it .

6. Fisher – Ya Didn’t (Dirtybird)
I love everything about this track, I’d be surprised if this doesn’t go to number 1.

7. Pirupa – Kill Them (Elrow)
Nice chuggy sub bass with a catchy vocal hook, not to mention a lot of 909 sampled percussive elements , this track does the trick .

8. Kinnerman – Sexy Shit  (Elrow)
Pulsating bass line that works great with a very infectious vocal hook .

9. Sidney Charles – Jack Endlessly  (Truesoul)
For me Sidney never fails to deliver, the groove master.

10. Georgre Privatti – What A Bam (La Pera)
Last and definitely not least, this has sat at number 1 on the charts for a while for a reason, clever sampling re working a classic and making it even better.

Franky Wah ‘Empire’ is out now on ON IT Recordings’ ‘Retrospective Collection’ Compilation.