Vanco “Walls” Ft Thandi Draai (Pablo Martinez Remix) Afrocentric

So happy to connect at last with the Afrocentric team. Jumped on this project as soon as I heard Thandis’ vocals. The whole package is dope!


Dj Fale “Goodbye” FOMP

There is a LOT forthcoming from FOMP including this deep afro corker. Dj Fale really has caught my attention recently and from what he has sent to release on FOMP I’m super excited to see how it’s all received.


Zepherin Saint “Skyy” Tribe Records.

So glad to see this soulful delight come to fruition. Zepehrin nailed a classic and brought it to a new audience.


Enoo Napa & Chanell Collen “Expression” Aluku Records

Afro tech goodness from a killer artist combo soon to be released on the fantastic Aluku Records.


Boddhi Satva ft Omar “Benefit” (Pablo Martinez remix) Offering Records

Really enjoyed reshaping the original and adding an afro Latin soul sunshine sounds. Can’t wait to see this released!


Guyana Son “Joust” feat Tshaka Campbell FOMP

Oh my Goodness! Lyrics to boot! Tshakas’ spoken words + Guyana Sons’ solid production have made for a killer late night club track. Get ready.


Ivory (IT) “Incastrum” MoBlack Records

Deep deep deep and hypnotic sound on the pioneering MOBlack Records. Love it!


Jaidene Veda & Pablo Martinez “Criminal” ft Sio (Luka remix) The Feels

New label, new soulful sounds and new mixes for a single which featured on Jaidene Vedas recent Album: Heart of Gold. Jaidene Veda and Sio on the same record?! WHAT!


Kid Fonque, D-Malice, Khensy “Tshamiseka” DM Recordings

If you do one thing today go check this record. Experimental world music with one of my favourite vocal talents Khensy.


Atjazz “Track3” (Mix2) Atjazz Recordings

Pretty much a sin for me not to have an Atjazz record in any chart. The Mix2 Album is outstanding and Track3 is my favourite. #housemusic

Vanco ‘Reflections EP’ (incl. Pablo Martinez, John Tejada & Cory Centric mixes) will be released on Beatport Exclusive April 6th / Full release April 20th 2018 on Afrocentric Music.