1. ‘Something Love’ – Adrian Hour
Great Vocal Sample and a power drop with a great snare.

2. ‘Poison Lips’ – Vitalic
A great House remix of the 80’s Classic

3. ‘Bubblegum’ – Monte
Amazing Production in this hymn

4. ‘Totem’ – Gabriel Moraes
Fits great with our own Production ‘Toronto’

5. ‘Magic’s Gonna Happen’ – Asem Shama
Classic Techno track that creates a unique feel at 123BPM and which is great to mix into our own ‘Gaia/Charlotte’.

6. ‘Dizziness’ – Maksim Dark
This track is a Monster and one of our current favourites. You may see a collab here in the future 🙂

7. ‘Aruba’ – Moritz Hofbauer
Unreleased gem from our local newcomer talent Moritz.

8. ‘Blow Up The Speakers’ – Eli Brown

Great groove and unique vibe.

9. ‘ Khan’ – Stulp Fiction

Stulp himself mailed us this one, and it’s exactly to our taste!

10. ‘The Enemy’ – Julian Jeweil
Superb warm sound and great to mix into ‘Kontrollpunkt’ from Loopsize

German producer collective Township Rebellion make their UK debut, in the Main Room – Dominik EulbergFrankey & Sandrino, Kyle E and Aidan Doherty  and Manu Gonzalez on Saturday November 25th.