01. Red Axes – Sipoor – Phantasy Sound

Red Axes have an incredible ability to create tracks that are fun and dark for me at the same time which is why they’re some of my favorite producers currently.

02. Housemeister – BODYMVS1K – Boysnoize Records

This track is non-stop energy

03. Sascha Funke – Surumu – Hippie Dance

Beautiful record from Sascha that works anytime in a set for me.

04. Zwischenfall – Flucht – Live At Robert Johnson

This whole compilation is great but this track is one of my favorite morning songs to dance to.

05. Shaun J. Wright & Alinka – Falling For Your (Matt Tolfrey Remix) – Twirl Recordings

Been a fan of Matt for ages and he did an amazing job on this remix

06. BLD- From Shelter To Shelter – BLD Tape Recordings

Awesome techno jam, love everything else on the label as well

07. Gerd – Slam Jam – Clone Royal Oak

Classic house sound from Gerd, love this!

08. De Fantastiske To – Hardtslående (Alinka Remix) – Black Riot

Had a blast remixing these guys and love their whole EP

09. Djedjotronic – Take Me Down feat. Douglas McCarthy – Boysnoize Records

Peak hour masterpiece

10. Sleazy McQueen, Vagabundo Club Social – Boh! – Whiskey Disco

Summer jam from the master Sleazy McQueen, this one makes me smile every time. 

De Fantastiske To ‘Saharaball EP’ (incl. Yam Who? and Alinka Remixes) is out now on both digital and vinyl on Black Riot Records.