Austin Ato – Heat – Classic Music Company

One very strong, anthemic and soulful track ! Cant miss it !

Izo Fitzroy – Blind Faith (Art Of Tones Remix) – Jalapeno

My take on Izo’s brilliant new single – Excited to see this one released !

Arseni – Walter’s Afternoon – Razor N Tape

One of the finest disco and reedit label celebrating its 50th release – what’s not to like ?

Art Of Tones Featuring Anduze – Flower Child – Z Records

New single is out soon, highlighted with Anduze’s beautiful voice, to be released on Joey Negro’s imprint.

Inkswel – The People featuring Dave Aju (Drum Dub Version) – Boogie Angst

Two very talented producers teaming up for a weird, funk track. There’s something obsessive about this little tropical melody.

Thierry Tomas – Rhythm 6 – Robsoul

My definition of House music !

Demuir – Lusting U – Kaos Theory

Demuir back with an instant classic, once you heard it you can’t get it out of your head.

The Blaxploited Orchestra – Ready To Go – Mate

Easy-to-spot samples, used in a very creative way. Perfect mix of House and Disco.

David Walters – Krye Mwen (Aroop Roy Remix) – Heavenly Sweetness

Aroop is brillantly getting rid of the tropical vibe of the original track, bringing some Chicago touch to this song. Awesome remix.

Harvey Touch – Rich And Sober – Basement Disco

One label to watch carefully, they’ve been releasing some great music for a year and half !

Izo FitzRoy ‘Blind Faith (Incl. Art Of Tones and Smoove Reworks)’ is out now on Jalapeno Records.