Trainspotting with Beating Cells

Newly formed Italian dance duo Beating Cells, aka Severino Panzetta and Giacomo Moras, met in 2019 and share a combined passion for House, Disco & Electronic Music. Severino is an established DJ, well known around the world, also under the name Horse Meat Disco and Giacomo Moras is a well known DJ from the Venice area. As they bring their individual collaborative sound to Chairmen Of The Board & Wheeler del Torro’s new single, ‘Reach Out’, DMCWorld invite them to share some of their current top tunes…


Chairmen Of The Board   – Reach Out (Beating Cells remix) – Dog Day Recordings
Inspired by the authentic vocals from the original track, we created something completely different. Our purpose was to create a track that can be recognized like a classic and at the same time it includes new and different sounds, like a journey between past and future. Moreover, the track can be played in different situations, it is perfect for the dancefloor thanks to the Housy groove underneath, and, on the other hand, it works really well also in other situations being moody and catchy. We are really confident this track can become something recognizable.

Horse Meat Disco, Fi McCluskey – Love If You Need It (Mousse T´s Extended Classic Shizzle) – Glitterbox Recordings
This is an absolute banger! The new album from Horse Meat Disco is something special and precious for the music nowadays. The whole album is something impressive, one hit after another one. In particular this remix by Mousse T is already an evergreen, it’s catchy, groovy and dainty and brings up the groove with delicious keys. It’s something you can listen in loop for hours.
Horse Meat Disco feat. Fi McCluskey - Love If You Need It (Mousse T.’s Extended Classic Shizzle)

Phunkadelica, J.O.D. – Coccoina (Gerd Janson Dance Remix) – Multinotes
Proper Indie Dance/Italo Disco vibe. The arpeggio on the bassline and on the melody create a fantastic groove. Adding the Italian vocals on top it’s a banger for the dancefloor. The style and the sound design are so well done that you get lost in the mood of the track.
Phunkadelica ft J.O.D - Coccoina (Gerd Janson Dance Mix)

Kapote – L.O.V.E 2020 (NYC Tribute) – Toy Tonics
Oh yes!! You have to move your head listening to this groove! It has an authentic funky bassline which brings the groove throughout all the song, with added funky keys with swing, it is perfect for any type of listener.
Gerd Janson, Jacques Renault – Never Say Never – Future Disco
It reminds us straight away a classic track from the 90’s. It has a super catchy loop underneath and is so  groovy. Definitely destined to be one on the tracks of next summer. It brings joy, you need to dance to it with class.
Jayda G – All I Need – K7
We are going back in the day for sure with the new Jayda G track. Its groovy and catchy and the sound is so Chicago! You can feel the style and the sounds deep inside of you, it makes you want to dance in a proper club!
Lucha Libre – Dorothys Fortress – Southern Fried Records
We heard something different from the first time we listened to it. The groove is overwhelming, bassline and main synth work so well together. Disco? Indie Dance? Italo Disco? something of everything! Also, we have already a proper remix of this track and we can’t wait it will be released!
Sun Palace – Rude Movements (Opolopo Remix) – BBE
If you wanna listen some good music you absolutely must check this! It’s a mix of soul, funk and house, the instruments are so well recorded and working together creating a great feeling in the listeners. The bassline gives the groove, the drums patter so nice, keys and percussions create the atmosphere and then the trumpet top line completes this masterpiece.
Hot Toddy – Synthesize – House Of Disco Records
Falling somewhere between Nu Disco and Deep House, It’s groovy and stylish and perfect for starting a DJ set catching the attention of the people.
Raf Rundell, Terri Walker – Always fly (Bruise remix) – Heavenly Recordings.
Housey, moody, it is perfect for all the occasions. Fantasthic keys throughout all the song create the groove and the mood of the track, completed with a beautiful sweet voice.
Chairmen Of The Board & Wheeler del Torro ‘Reach Out’ (Beating Cells Remix) will be released on Traxsource promo May 28th / Full release on June 11th 2021 Dog Day Recordings.