Trainspotting with ICS

1. Rhadow – Xrated ( NTFO Remix ) (Sintope)

A perfect groove on this one.

02. Herck, Trik – Emotions Original Mix (Ensis Black)

A really cool track, it has an old school feeling.

03. Cutannat – Androm (N/A)

Pure melodics on a tight beat.

04. D!E ZWE! – Polyphony (Beatamines Remix) (Lauter Unfug)

I love the hypnotising synth.

05. ICS – One Word Girl (Get Physical Music; Tobus Limited)

I play this one on a regular basis.

06. Paul Yudin – Dubrawa (Heisenberg)

A very simple, but effective rhythm.

07. Archie Hamilton – What’s In Your Head? (Moscow)

This is perfect for one long after party.

08. Konrad Black – Scorched Earth (Barac Interpretation) (Meander)

One of the coolest Techno tracks I’ve heard in a while.

09. Alek Landao – Pack ( AIBM )

I like this one for the classic bassline, which gives the track speed.

10. D.H.S. – I Am Your Control ( Original Mix ) (Tino Corp)

One of my all time favourites.

D!E ZWE! ‘Tekuno Impulsivo EP‘  (Incl. Beatamines and ICS Remixes) on August 28th 2016 on Lauter Unfug.