Trainspotting with Joe Ventura

American DJ / producer Joe Ventura has been contributing to the scene for 30 years. In 2020 Joe launched BIG Speaker Music, featuring releases from the likes of Robert Owens, Victor Simonelli, That Kid Chris and Osheen, among others. His own recent singles ‘Shaft Me (Shut Your Mouth Mix)’ and ‘Start With Pianos’ received lots of plays from Jeremiah Asiamah on BBCR1’s Soundsystem show. Other highlight singles such as ‘Shame’ and ‘I’ll Wait’ with Sulene Fleming (Incognito), ‘Salsa House’, and his remixes of Todd Terry’s Gypsymen, ‘Hear The Music’ and Osheen & Robert Owens’ ‘The Conversation’ have all received the thumbs up from the likes of Louie Vega, Danny Howard, DJ Sasha, Graeme Park and more! As 2022 continues to be a successful year, with his new single ‘Blackout’ currently tearing up the dance floors, DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Joe Ventura.


1 Joe Ventura – Blackout (Flick of God’s Switch Mix) – BIG Speaker Music 

This is my current release on BIG Speaker Music. This is the darker side of my musical taste that is inspired by Little Louis’ “Blackout”, but not exactly. This sound is inspired from classics such as Underground Sound of Lisbon ‘So Get Up’ and Aphrohead ‘In The Dark We Live’.

2 Superflat – Blaxfunknation – Super Spicy Records

This track is a current favourite that I’ve been play consistently for a while now. Although there are a lot of tracks out that are similar in style, which I would classify as “disposable tracks”, this one actually has a lot of substance and most importantly creativity in the use of the various elements of the track.

3 Todd Terry, Martha Wash, Jocelyn Brown – Something Going On (2022) – Good Company 

The classic, ‘Something Going On’, makes a comeback, but isn’t your typical remix. This remix takes things to another level and provides a new perspective on this all-time favourite and classic song.

Todd Terry & Fancy Inc - Something Going On 2022 (feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown)

4 Mark Knight, Cari Golden, James Hurr – You Are A God – Toolroom 

Mark Knight and Co. do it again with another timeless track that will stand the test of time. In typical Toolroom fashion, ‘You Are A God’ is a peak hour thumper that keeps pushing the energy up.

5 Roland Clark, Alexander Technique – Rise Up – Terminator Records 

Roland Clark & Alexander Technique find a way to get a powerful message communicated through an equally powerful musical bed of mayhem that will lift any peak hour or festival. Did I say powerful?

6 Doug Gomez, Benjy Celestial Dance – Merecumbe Recordings

Doug Gomez is in a groove, and everyone should be taking notice. An OG from back in da day has reinvented himself into one of the premier producer/remixers of our time carving out his own niche and sound. Celestial dance is a perfect example of this.

7 T.B.R.O.S   – So Confused – Memories

‘So Confused’ is another disco groover with a heightened level of creativity that is nothing but energy and emotion.

8 Deetron – Glass – Hot Creations

Deetron has been on my radar for a while now. In addition to consistent quality production, you always seem to get something unexpectedly good.

9 Christian Smith – Pulsate – Bambossa Records

A piano stopping freight train. Plain and Simple.

10 Sibylle, Cocolorez – Try My Love – King Street Records

And finally, a vocal track from the guys at King Street. A sultry vocal draped under a music bed full of Visual – “The Music’s Got Me”

Joe Ventura ‘Blackout’ (Flick Of God’s Switch Mix) full release May 6th 2022 on BIG Speaker Music.