Trainspotting with Pausepushers

Debuting in early 2020 with the infectious ‘Real Talk’, North London’s Pausepushers (aka Francis Hylton from Incognito) brings something fresh to the House scene with a soulful, funky and quirky sound, that features live instrumentation and punchy production. Pausepushers has released five singles to date, including a collaborations with Sulene Fleming and Pete Simpson and has also remixed three tracks on Good For You label for Paul Costello, JollyJ and Kane Lane and label boss, Kenny Summit. As he enlists the musical genius of fellow Incognito band mate, Jean-Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick on his new single ‘Gimme Some More’, DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Pausepushers.


Pausepushers ft Bluey – Gimme Some More – Future Spin Records

I’ve worked with Bluey since 2000 on many projects, most notably with Incognito, but recently also as a member of Str4ta, Bluey’s collaboration with Gilles Peterson. Str4ta pushes so many buttons for me musically and I came up with the concept of this track after a day of recording some new Str4ta material. I already had the keyboard riff but the rest came together quickly after being immersed in that Jazz Funk vibe. I’m so glad the track went in that direction and honoured to have Bluey guesting on this release.

Gimme Some More - Pausepushers ft Bluey


Stoim, Sulene Fleming – Come To Me Again (Richard Earnshaw Extended Revibe) – Soul N Pepa

Great songwriting, great production, great remix. Admittedly Stoim hasn’t been on my radar for that long as a producer, but I’ve liked everything I’ve heard so far from him. Richard Earnshaw is a great choice to remix this track, he treats the song with respect, retaining its essence but adding a nice bump to it. The original version is fantastic too.

Come To Me Again (Richard Earnshaw Extended Revibe)

Distant People ft Imaani – Things You’ll Never See – Future Spin Records

This is another great collaborative effort Distant People has had with Sulene Fleming. Sulene wrote the vocals and melody but this time called on Imaani (Incognito/Reel People) to sing it and I love the result. I’ve heard Imaani sing a million times and I’ll never tire of hearing her voice.

Things You'll Never See - Distant People ft Imaani

Reel People – I Want To Thank You (Laroye Remix) – Foliage Records

I play on three or four tracks on Reel People’s 2018 album Retroflection, including their version of this track. The original Alicia Myers track is a classic, Mica Paris kills on the Reel People version and then Laroye turns in this incredible remix, miles from the original sonically but the vocal still fits perfectly, genius.

Funkatomic ft Sulene Fleming – One Fine Day – WU Records

I’ve been wanting to hook up with Funkatomic (aka Italian producer Claudio Caccini) ever since he remixed one of our tracks for his label WU Records at the end of 2020 (North n South ft Vanessa Haynes’ “Sweet Love”), but it’s not been possible so far. I got to hear this before the vocal went down and I already thought the track sounded big, but that vocal works so well, great arrangement from Claudio too.

Saison – Man Of Soul (Original Mix) – No Fuss Records

I’ve been digging Saison’s remixes and productions for a few years now, but I’d actually not clocked who comprised the team until recently, that Leigh Darlow is part of The Layabouts who’d I’d met a several years ago. It’s a very small world! Both Leigh and Matthew Bandy are dons and lovely guys, I love their sound and of course I’m not the only one!

DJ Spinna – In The Distance -Tribe Records

DJ Spinna has such an eclectic style yet no matter which direction he goes in musically it always sounds like him. When he plays a DJ set you know you’re gonna hear some great music. He’s so talented and this is another infectious, soulful track that feels amazing.

UnitedSoul – Expansions (Yuroba Soul Mix) – Loftsoul Recordings

This is another classic song that’s close to my heart and, coincidentally, the second of two versions I’ve played on in the last three years! I’ve known DJ Uchikawa (Loftsoul Recordings) for well over ten years, he comes to London frequently but I first met him in Tokyo when I got to DJ at his night at Club Loop (sadly long since closed.) Since then I’ve played on many of his underground releases, this one came out really nice, I love the atmosphere he creates amongst the live elements.

Kelli Sae – Believe In A Brighter Day (Rocco Rodamaal Dub) – Reel People

I’ve had the pleasure of working and touring with Kelli a few times over the years, and I always loved her voice since I first taped It’s Too Late off a London pirate radio station in 1990! Her voice is unique, sweet yet powerful with a little growl when she wants to add a little attitude. That being said, there’s something about the minimal movement in the dub version that I think is special too, you do get vocals but you have wait for them. I’d love to hear this in a club, soon I hope!

Burning Up – Stacy Kidd –  House 4 Life

There’s something I hear in Stacy Kidd’s sound that I love, he’s got this really beautiful harmonic sense to his chords, which is always surprising and interesting and his drums are knocking. You don’t always get both with some tracks, but you do with Stacy! This is a great example of that.

Pausepushers Ft. Bluey ‘Gimme Some More’ is out now on Traxsource promo September 10th / Full release September 24th 2021 on Future Spin Records.